sfScanCoef (2.0-git MScanCoef.c 4136 2009-02-07 17:20:32Z sfomel)
Coeffecients of the eta expansion eikonal solver (3-D).

        sfScanCoef < btime.rsf > time.rsf shotfile=shots.rsf btime=y order=2 br1=d1 br2=d2 br3=d3 plane1=n plane2=n plane3=n b1=plane[2]? n1: (int) (br1/d1+0.5) b2=plane[1]? n2: (int) (br2/d2+0.5) b3=plane[0]? n3: (int) (br3/d3+0.5) zshot=0. yshot=o2 + 0.5*(n2-1)*d2 xshot=o3 + 0.5*(n3-1)*d3 t1= t2=

int b1=plane[2]? n1: (int) (br1/d1+0.5)

int b2=plane[1]? n2: (int) (br2/d2+0.5)

int b3=plane[0]? n3: (int) (br3/d3+0.5)
Constant-velocity box around the source (in samples)
float br1=d1

float br2=d2

float br3=d3
Constant-velocity box around the source (in physical dimensions)
bool btime=y [y/n]
if y, the input is background time; n, Velocity
int order=2 [1,2]
Accuracy order
bool plane1=n [y/n]

bool plane2=n [y/n]

bool plane3=n [y/n]
plane-wave source
string shotfile=
File with shot locations (n2=number of shots, n1=3) (auxiliary input file name)
string t1=

string t2=

float xshot=o3 + 0.5*(n3-1)*d3

float yshot=o2 + 0.5*(n2-1)*d2

float zshot=0.
Shot location (used if no shotfile)

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