sfacqgeo (2.0-git)
generating acquisition geometry file for sfmpicfftrtm

        sfacqgeo > Fgeo.rsf nz= nx= ny= sou_z= sou_ox= sou_oy= sou_nx= sou_ny= sou_jx=(sou_nx>1)? (nx-sou_ox)/(sou_nx-1):0 sou_jy=(sou_ny>1)? (ny-sou_oy)/(sou_ny-1):0 rec_z= rec_nx= rec_ny= npad= noff= roll=

int noff=
near offset
int npad=
computational domain padding
int nx=
dimension in x
int ny=
dimension in y
int nz=
dimension in z
int rec_nx=
number of receivers in x
int rec_ny=
number of receivers in y
int rec_z=
receiver position in depth
int roll=
acquisition pattern: 0-> fixed-spread, 1-> towed-streamer to the negative
int sou_jx=(sou_nx>1)? (nx-sou_ox)/(sou_nx-1):0
source interval in x
int sou_jy=(sou_ny>1)? (ny-sou_oy)/(sou_ny-1):0
source interval in y
int sou_nx=
number of sources in x
int sou_ny=
number of sources in y
int sou_ox=
source starting location in x
int sou_oy=
source starting location in y
int sou_z=
source position in depth

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