sfaddevent (2.0-git)
Add a dispersive event to a seismic profile

        sfaddevent < in.rsf > out.rsf wvtype=0 w0=35.0 event=2 nfft= t0=0.3 v0=1500.0 a0=1.0 qv=-1.0 qa=qv f0=w0 a0ref=0

float a0=1.0
event amplitude at t=a0ref (x=0)
int a0ref=0
reference point for a0: 0 - t0; 1 - a0
int event=2
0: linear; 1: parabolic; 2:hyperbolic
float f0=w0
reference frequency for velocity dispersion and amplitude attenuation
int nfft=
fft length
float qa=qv
Q factor for amplitude attenuation
float qv=-1.0
Q factor for velocity dispersion
float t0=0.3
event travel time at x=0
float v0=1500.0
event velocity at x=0, for reference frequency f0
float w0=35.0
central frequency of Ricker wavelet or bandwidth of sinc wavelet
int wvtype=0
0: ricker; 1: sinc; x: not support

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