sfanovcv (2.0-git)
Oriented anisotropy continuation: shifted hyperbola travel-time approximation.

        sfanovcv < in.rsf > out.rsf velocity=vel.rsf kappa1=kappa1file.rsf kappa2=kappa2file.rsf kappa3=kappa3file.rsf rootin=rootin.rsf eps=0.1 clip=0.5 windowtime=t0 + (nt-1.0)*dt nv=1 lagrange=n plus=y debug=y isotr=n testwarp=n full=n v0= v0= ns=1 ds= s0= smax= epsr=0.001 s0=

Axis order: t, p, x

float clip=0.5
maximum stretch
bool debug=y [y/n]
Implement debugger: add it later
float ds=
s step size
float eps=0.1
stretch regularization
float epsr=0.001
damper for root
bool full=n [y/n]
full accuracy flag - considers all (s-1) terms in any power
bool isotr=n [y/n]
Implement debugger: add it later
string kappa1=
auxiliary output file name
string kappa2=
auxiliary output file name
string kappa3=
auxiliary output file name
bool lagrange=n [y/n]
Use Lagrangian method
int ns=1
s steps
int nv=1
number of velocity steps
bool plus=y [y/n]
Plus or minus in coefficients: I have two versions
string rootin=
auxiliary output file name
float s0=
float smax=

bool testwarp=n [y/n]
Implement debugger: add it later
float v0=
constant velocity (if no velocity=)
string velocity=
velocity file (auxiliary input file name)
float windowtime=t0 + (nt-1.0)*dt
maximum time 2 consider