sfautofocusing (2.0-git)
Marchenko-Wapenaar-Broggini iterative scheme

        sfautofocusing < Fplus.rsf refl=FRefl.rsf > FGp.rsf Gm=FGm.rsf G=FG.rsf H=FH.rsf p=Fp.rsf q=Fq.rsf window=Ftwin.rsf verb=n conj=n twin=n pandq=n Gtot=n Htot=n niter=1 nshots=1 scale=1.0 eps=1e-4 shift=5

sfmarchenko < downgoing.rsf refl=REFL_000.rsf conj=y verb=n Gtot=y niter=21 nshots=401 scale=1 eps=1e-4 shift=5 Gm=Gm.rsf G=G.rsf> Gp.rsf

======= INPUTS ============

p0plus.rsf: initial downgoing wavefield

REFL_000.rsf: Fourier transform of the reflection response

======= PARAMETERS ========

conj = [y]/n - complex-conjugation of the first input (corresponds to time-reversal in time)
verb = y/[n] - verbosity flag
twin = y/[n] - returns the timewindow as one of the outputs (window=window.rsf)
pandq = y/[n] - pandq=true: returns p and q, pandq=false returns Gp and Gm
Gtot = y/[n] - Gtot=true returns G=Gp+Gm
Htot = y/[n] - Htot=true returns H=Gp-Gm
niter = 1 - number of iterations
nshots = 1 - number of shots in the reflection response
scale = 1.0 - scale factor (often due to resampling)
eps = 1e-4 - threshold for the timewindow
shift = 5 - shift in samples for the timewindow

file G=
auxiliary output file name
file Gm=
auxiliary output file name
bool Gtot=n [y/n]
Gtot=true: returns G=Gp+Gm
file H=
auxiliary output file name
bool Htot=n [y/n]
Htot=true: returns H=Gp-Gm
bool conj=n [y/n]
complex conjugation (time-reversal) flag
float eps=1e-4
threshold for the timewindow
int niter=1
number of iterations
int nshots=1
number of shots
file p=
auxiliary output file name
bool pandq=n [y/n]
pandq=true: returns p and q
file q=
auxiliary output file name
string refl=
000.rsf are 7 characters (auxiliary input file name)
float scale=1.0
scale factor
int shift=5
shift in samples for the timewindow
bool twin=n [y/n]
returns the timewindow as one of the outputs
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag
file window=
auxiliary output file name