sfbeamsteer (2.0-git)
Beam steering for 2D surface array.

        sfbeamsteer < in.rsf > out.rsf mode=y xref= yref= npx= dpx= opx= npy= dpy= opy=

float dpx=
px sampling (if mode=y).
float dpy=
py sampling (if mode=y).
bool mode=y [y/n]
if n, beams computed as a function of apparent slowness and azimuth angle.
int npx=
number of px values (if mode=y).
int npy=
number of py values (if mode=y).
float opx=
px origin (if mode=y)
float opy=
py origin (if mode=y)
float xref=
x coordinate where beams are computed
float yref=
y coordinate where beams are computed