sfbmcgauss (2.0-git)
Correlated Gaussian joint probability distribution histogram generated with modified Box Mulller algorithm

        sfbmcgauss > out.rsf n=100 m1=0.0 m2=0.0 s1=1.0 s2=1.0 r=0.0 nbin=51 dbin=0.1 obin=0.0 iseed=-33

float dbin=0.1
histogram bin size
int iseed=-33
random generator seed
float m1=0.0
mean for deviate 1
float m2=0.0
mean for deviate 2
int n=100
number of random deviates pairs
int nbin=51
number of bins for histogram
float obin=0.0
histogram origin
float r=0.0
correlation coefficient
float s1=1.0
standard deviation for deviate 1
float s2=1.0
standard deviation for deviate 2