sfboolcmp (2.0-git)
Element-wise boolean comparison of values. For int/float/complex data-sets.

        sfboolcmp < in.rsf > out.rsf right_f= eps=0 right= sign=
This program will solve the solution to this problem:
- [input] [sign] [right]
- sfboolcmp - left.rsf >= right.rsf
This will return a vector of same length as left and return 0's or 1's depending on the result of the inequality. Optionally you can supply a right_f parameter to compare the input data to a single value.

Written by: C. Brown, UBC
Created: Nov 2007

float eps=0
comparing within this range epsilon
string right=
the rsf file you will be comparing to
float right_f=
compare input (left) to a single float value (right)
string sign=
sign= 'eq' equal-to ( == )
sign= 'gt' greater-than ( > )
sign= 'ge' greater-than or equal-to ( >= )
sign= 'lq' less-than or equal-to ( <= )
sign= 'lt' less-than ( < )
sign= 'ne' not-equal ( != )
sign= 'and' the values are both non-zero ( && )
sign= 'or' one value is non-zero ( !! )