sfcheckptdemo (2.0-git)
RTM with checkpointing in 2D acoustic media

        sfcheckptdemo < Fv.rsf > Fw.rsf p1=Fp1.rsf p2=Fp2.rsf nb=20 nt= dt= fm=20.0 ft=0 jt=1 verb=n kt= nob=(int)log2f(nt)
The real value of checkpointing technology resides in the backpropagation with
viscoacoustic and viscoelastic wave equation, where the wavefield
reconstruction method using saved boundaries fails. Here, we only
demonstrate how to implement it in acoustic media without dissipation.

float dt=
time sampling interval
float fm=20.0
dominant freq of Ricker wavelet
int ft=0
first recorded time
int jt=1
time interval
int kt=
output px and pz component at kt
int nb=20
thickness of PML ABC
int nob=(int)log2f(nt)
number of buffers, default=optimal value
int nt=
number of time steps
file p1=
auxiliary output file name
file p2=
auxiliary output file name
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity, if y, output px and pz

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