sfcrssemb3d (2.0-git)
CRS-based semblance for 3D

        sfcrssemb3d < inDags_.rsf dataSq=inDagsSq_.rsf > sembFile_.rsf xapp=1 yapp=1 dipappx=11 dipappy=11 coher=11 scatnum=1
Several CIGs are used simultaneously. Dip-angle sections corresponding to the same
dip-angle compose a subvolume. The subvolume allows calculating semblance in the
scattering-angle direction along reflection boundaries.

inDags_.rsf - 3D dip-angle gathers - stack in the scattering-angle direction
inDagsSq_.rsf - stack of amplitude squares in the scattering-angle direction

Working with just dip-angle gathers use default value of "scatnum" parameter

sembFile_.rsf - crs-based semblance file; has the same dimensions as the input files

int coher=11
height of a vertical window for semblance calculation
file dataSq=
auxiliary input file name
int dipappx=11
number of traces in the x-dip direction processed simultaneously
int dipappy=11
number of traces in the y-dip direction processed simultaneously
int scatnum=1
shows how many traces were stacked in the scattering angle direction;
if the stack was normalized use the default value

int xapp=1
number of CIGs in the inline-direction processed simultaneously
int yapp=1
number of CIGs in the crossline-direction processed simultaneously

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