sfcsp2d (2.0-git Mcsp2d.c 744 2013-07-11 18:46:07Z Yujin Liu)
2-D common scattering-point gathers mapping and its adjoint

        sfcsp2d < in.rsf > out.rsf ompchunk=1 ompnth=0 adj=y weight=n linear=n v=2000. half=n verb=n nhe=nh dhe=dh he0=h0 nxs=nxm dxs=dxm xs0=xm0 nh=nhe dh=dhe h0=he0 nxm=nxs dxm=dxs xm0=xs0 apt=SF_MAX(fabsf(he0),fabsf(he0+(nhe-1)*dhe))
The axes in the data space are {time,offset,cmp}
The axes in the image space are {time,equiv_offset,csp}

bool adj=y [y/n]
yes: CSP mapping, no: CMP building
float apt=SF_MAX(fabsf(he0),fabsf(he0+(nhe-1)*dhe))
float dh=dhe

float dhe=dh

float dxm=dxs

float dxs=dxm

float h0=he0

bool half=n [y/n]
half offset flag
float he0=h0

bool linear=n [y/n]
yes: linear interpolation, no: nearest-neighbor interpolation
int nh=nhe

int nhe=nh

int nxm=nxs

int nxs=nxm

int ompchunk=1
OpenMP data chunk size
int ompnth=0
OpenMP available threads
float v=2000.
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag
bool weight=n [y/n]
weighting flag
float xm0=xs0

float xs0=xm0