sfdagap3a (2.0-git)
Reflection event apex protector/removal for dip-angle gathers.

        sfdagap3a < dagFile.rsf dips=dipFile.rsf > taperFile.rsf rms=rmsFile.rsf ddep=y pwidth1=10.f pwidth2=10.f drms=y fudge=10.f greyarea1=10.f greyarea2=10.f dz=20.f

May be used for migration aperture optimization or for reflected energy
supression. For the last multiply the output on -1.

dagFile.rsf - input dip-angle gathers;
dipFile.rsf - dips esitimated in the image domain. The dips are in degree (!)
rmsFile.rsf - input rms;

taperFile.rsf - mask for input dip-angle gathers

bool ddep=y [y/n]
if y, taper depends on depth; if n, no
string dips=
dips esitimated in the image domain (in degree) (auxiliary input file name)
bool drms=y [y/n]
if y, taper depends on rms; if n, no
float dz=20.f
half of a migrated wave length
float fudge=10.f
Fudge Factor
float greyarea1=10.f

float greyarea2=10.f
width of event tail taper (in degree)
float pwidth1=10.f

float pwidth2=10.f
protected width (in degree)
string rms=
RMS input for tapering variation (auxiliary input file name)