sfdbfmig (2.0-git)

        sfdbfmig < piFile.rsf escx=xEscFile.rsf esct=tEscFile.rsf > resFile.rsf ppn=pNum ppo=pStart ppd=pStep izn=zNum ixn=xNum izo=zStart ixo=xStart izd=zStep ixd=xStep sn=1 so=0.f sd=1.f isAA=y dx=xStep dt=0.008f xlim=2 * xStep xapert=xNum * xStep pj=1

float dt=0.008f
time-range for point detection
float dx=xStep
x-range for point detection
string esct=
escape-time file (auxiliary input file name)
string escx=
escape-positions file (auxiliary input file name)
bool isAA=y [y/n]
if y, apply anti-aliasing
float ixd=xStep
step in positions (in meters)
int ixn=xNum
number of imaged positions
float ixo=xStart
first imaged position (in meters)
float izd=zStep
step in depth (in meters)
int izn=zNum
number of imaged depth samples
float izo=zStart
first imaged depth (in meters)
int pj=1
jump in points
float ppd=pStep
step in processed partial images
int ppn=pNum
number of processed partial images
float ppo=pStart
first processed partial image
float sd=1.f
step in scattering-angles
int sn=1
number of scattering-angles
float so=0.f
first scattering-angle
float xapert=xNum * xStep
migration aperture size
float xlim=2 * xStep
maximum distance between depth-line points