sfdblendseis (2.0-git)
Blending, or Deblending using seislet domain thresholding.

        sfdblendseis < in.rsf > out.rsf shottime=shottime.rsf dip=dip.rsf init=init.rsf niter=30 thr=10 lambda=0.5 eps=0.01 order=1 verb=0 mode= type= thrtype=

file dip=
auxiliary input file name
float eps=0.01
string init=
auxiliary input file name
float lambda=0.5
update step size
string mode=
[b-blending,d-deblending] function mode, the default is d
int niter=30
number of iterations
int order=1
accuracy order for seislet transform
file shottime=
auxiliary input file name
float thr=10
threshold value (coefficients preserved in percentage)
string thrtype=
[soft,hard] thresholding type, the default is soft
string type=
[haar,linear,biorthogonal] wavelet type, the default is linear
int verb=0
output verbosity information