sfdiparti (2.0-git)

        sfdiparti < piFile.rsf vel=velFile.rsf > resFile.rsf semb=sembFile.rsf apert=1000 sembWindow=11 gamma=1.f ppn=dipNum_ ppo=dipStart_ ppd=dipStep_ itn=tNum_ ixn=xNum_ ito=tStart_ ixo=xStart_ itd=tStep_ ixd=xStep_

float apert=1000
diffraction summation aperture
float gamma=1.f
velocity-model-accuracy parameter
float itd=tStep_
step in time (in ms)
int itn=tNum_
number of imaged depth samples
float ito=tStart_
first imaged time (in ms)
float ixd=xStep_
step in positions (in m)
int ixn=xNum_
number of imaged positions
float ixo=xStart_
first imaged position (in m)
float ppd=dipStep_
step in processed partial images
int ppn=dipNum_
number of processed partial images
float ppo=dipStart_
first processed partial image
string semb=
output file containing semblance (auxiliary output file name)
int sembWindow=11
vertical window for semblance calculation (in samples)
string vel=
velocity model file (velocity in km/s) (auxiliary input file name)