sfditime3d (2.0-git)
3D Hybrid Radon transform for diffraction imaging in the time dip-angle domain

        sfditime3d < in.rsf > out.rsf dweight=fileDweight.rsf reflMod=fileRefl.rsf verb=n adj=n isAA=n liter=100 niter=0 eps=0. verb=n invMod=2 dip0n= dip0d= dip0o= sdip0n= sdip0d= sdip0o= xin= xid= xio= sxin= sxid= sxio= dipn= dipo= dipd= sdipn= sdipo= sdipd=

bool adj=n [y/n]
adjoint flag
float dip0d=
dip0 sampling (if adj=y)
int dip0n=
number of dip0 values (if adj=y)
float dip0o=
dip0 origin (if adj=y)
float dipd=
dip sampling in x-direction
int dipn=
number of dips in x-direction
float dipo=
dip origin in x-direction
string dweight=
input file containing data weights (auxiliary input file name)
float eps=0.
regularization parameter
int invMod=2
number of nonlinear iterations (for inversion)
bool isAA=n [y/n]
if y, apply anti-aliasing
int liter=100
number of linear iterations (for inversion)
int niter=0
number of nonlinear iterations (for inversion)
file reflMod=
auxiliary output file name
float sdip0d=
sdip0 sampling (if adj=y)
int sdip0n=
number of sdip0 values (if adj=y)
float sdip0o=
sdip0 origin (if adj=y)
float sdipd=
dip sampling in y-direction
int sdipn=
number of dips in y-direction
float sdipo=
dip origin in y-direction
float sxid=
xi sampling (if adj=y)
int sxin=
number of xi values (if adj=y)
float sxio=
xi origin (if adj=y)
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag
float xid=
xi sampling (if adj=y)
int xin=
number of xi values (if adj=y)
float xio=
xi origin (if adj=y)