sfdzest2d (2.0-git)
Estimation of depth-delay of common-image gathers

        sfdzest2d Fp=Fp.rsf < Fnp.rsf > Fs.rsf adj=n inv=n shape=n niter=100 eps1=0. rect1=3 rect2=3 seed=0 eps2=1e3

file Fp=
auxiliary input file name
bool adj=n [y/n]
if adj=y, adjoint operator
float eps1=0.
shaping regularization parameter
float eps2=1e3
regularization parameter in model constraint
bool inv=n [y/n]
if inv=y, perform inversion
int niter=100
number of iterations
int rect1=3
shaping smoothing parameter in 1st axis
int rect2=3
shaping smoothing parameter in 2nd axis
int seed=0
index of reference trace
bool shape=n [y/n]
if shape=y, use projection method