sfemfdm3d (2.0-git)
3D Electromagnetic time-domain FD modeling

        sfemfdm3d < Fwav.rsf sou=Fsou.rsf rec=Frec.rsf wfl=Fwfl.rsf > Fdat.rsf mag=Fmag.rsf ele=Fele.rsf cdt=Fcdt.rsf verb=n snap=n free=n expl=n dabc=n jdata=1 jsnap=nt nqz=sf_n(az) nqx=sf_n(ax) nqy=sf_n(ay) oqz=sf_o(az) oqx=sf_o(ax) oqy=sf_o(ay) dqz=sf_d(az) dqx=sf_d(ax) dqy=sf_d(ay) nb=2

4th order in space, 2nd order in time. Absorbing boundary conditions.

file cdt=
auxiliary input file name
bool dabc=n [y/n]
Absorbing BC
float dqx=sf_d(ax)
Saved wfld window dx
float dqy=sf_d(ay)
Saved wfld window dy
float dqz=sf_d(az)
Saved wfld window dz
file ele=
auxiliary input file name
bool expl=n [y/n]
Multiple sources, one wvlt
bool free=n [y/n]
Free surface flag
int jdata=1
# of t steps at which to save receiver data
int jsnap=nt
# of t steps at which to save wavefield
file mag=
auxiliary input file name
int nb=2
boundary padding in grid points
int nqx=sf_n(ax)
Saved wfld window nx
int nqy=sf_n(ay)
Saved wfld window ny
int nqz=sf_n(az)
Saved wfld window nz
float oqx=sf_o(ax)
Saved wfld window ox
float oqy=sf_o(ay)
Saved wfld window oy
float oqz=sf_o(az)
Saved wfld window oz
file rec=
auxiliary input file name
bool snap=n [y/n]
Wavefield snapshots flag
file sou=
auxiliary input file name
bool verb=n [y/n]
Verbosity flag
file wfl=
auxiliary output file name