sfescfgrid2 (2.0-git)
Solution of escape equations by Gauss-Seidel solver on full grid for 2-D (an)isotropic media.

        sfescfgrid2 < spdom.rsf > out.rsf vspl=vspline.rsf na=360 mdist=SF_HUGE thresh=1e-6 morder=ESC2_MORDER niter=nx atraced=n mtraced=n cmix=n tracebc=y verb=n

bool atraced=n [y/n]
true - output map of all traced points
bool cmix=n [y/n]
true - check for color mixing
float mdist=SF_HUGE
Maximum distance between points in F-D stencil
int morder=ESC2_MORDER
Maximum order in F-D stencil
bool mtraced=n [y/n]
true - output map of points traced because of mdist criterion
int na=360
Number of phase angles
int niter=nx
Maximum number of Gauss-Seidel iterations
float thresh=1e-6
Convergence threshold
bool tracebc=y [y/n]
n - do not trace B.C. points
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag
string vspl=
Spline coefficients for velocity model (auxiliary input file name)