sfescrt3 (2.0-git)
Escape tables by ray tracing with escape equations in 3-D.

        sfescrt3 < spdom.rsf > out.rsf traj=traj.rsf vspl=vspline.rsf na=360 nb=180 df=0.1 md=SF_HUGE aper=SF_HUGE nc=0 parab=y verb=n nt=1001 dt=0.001

float aper=SF_HUGE
Maximum aperture in x and y directions from current point (default - up to model boundaries)
float df=0.1
< Maximum distance to travel per step (fraction of the cell size) >
float dt=0.001
Time sampling
float md=SF_HUGE
Maximum distance for a ray to travel (default - up to model boundaries)
int na=360
Number of azimuth phase angles
int nb=180
Number of inclination phase angles
int nc=0
Number of threads to use for ray tracing (OMP_NUM_THREADS by default)
int nt=1001
Number of time samples for each trajectory
bool parab=y [y/n]
y - use parabolic approximation of trajectories, n - straight line
string traj=
Trajectory output (auxiliary output file name)
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag
string vspl=
Spline coefficients for velocity model (auxiliary input file name)