sfescscd3 (2.0-git)
Daemon for distributed computation of stitched escape solutions in supercells in 3-D.

        sfescscd3 < in.rsf > out.rsf scgrid=scgrid.rsf nab=1 port=29542 ith=0 inet=1 ma=20 mb=20 nthreads=2*ncpu timeout=10 tdelay=0

int inet=1
Network interface index
int ith=0
Make every ith process a daemon
int ma=20
How many azimuth angles to expect per request
int mb=20
How many inclination angles to expect per request
int nab=1
Number of angular blocks to keep in memory per daemon
int nthreads=2*ncpu
Number of threads (connections) per daemon
int port=29542
TCP port for listening
string scgrid=
Grid of supercells of local escape solutions (auxiliary input file name)
int tdelay=0
Time delay before accessing data, tdel*icpu (secs)
int timeout=10
Inactivity time before shutdown (mins)