sfewefd3d_gpu_mpi (2.0-git)
3D elastic time-domain FD modeling with multiple GPUs coordinated via MPI

        sfewefd3d_gpu_mpi wav=Fwav.rsf ccc=Fccc.rsf den=Fden.rsf sou=Fsou.rsf rec=Frec.rsf wfl=Fwfl.rsf > Fdat.rsf verb=n snap=n free=n ssou=n dabc=n interp=y ngpu=1 nbell=5 jdata=1 jsnap=nt

file ccc=
auxiliary input file name
bool dabc=n [y/n]
absorbing BC
file den=
auxiliary input file name
bool free=n [y/n]
free surface flag
bool interp=y [y/n]
perform linear interpolation on receiver locations
int jdata=1
extract receiver data every jdata time steps
int jsnap=nt
save wavefield every jsnap time steps
int nbell=5
bell size
int ngpu=1
Number of GPUs in each node, must be set to lowest common number of GPUs
file rec=
auxiliary input file name
bool snap=n [y/n]
wavefield snapshots flag
file sou=
auxiliary input file name
bool ssou=n [y/n]
stress source
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag
file wav=
auxiliary input file name
file wfl=
auxiliary output file name