sfexcitationic (2.0-git)
Demo for excitation imaging condition

        sfexcitationic < Fv.rsf > Fout.rsf nb=20 nt= dt= fm=20.0 kt=300 jsx= jsz=0 jgx=1 jgz=0 sxbeg= szbeg= gxbeg= gzbeg= csdgather=y ns=1 ng=nx
Note that excitation imaging condition has some multipathing artifacts.
The significance of this imaging condition is the cheap computation and
low memory requirement. (1) Cheap computation: only 2 times of simulation,
one for source wavefield the other for receiver wavefield, are needed for
single shot imaging before stacking. (2) Low memory request: this imaging
condition only asks for the excitation time and the amplitude. Therefore,
it differs from cross-correlation imaging condition which needs storing
or reconstructing the source wavefield to cross-correlate with receiver
wavefield at each time step.

bool csdgather=y [y/n]

float dt=
time sampling interval
float fm=20.0
dominant freq of Ricker wavelet
int gxbeg=
x-begining index of receivers, starting from 0
int gzbeg=
z-begining index of receivers, starting from 0
int jgx=1
receiver x-axis jump interval
int jgz=0
receiver z-axis jump interval
int jsx=
source x-axis jump interval
int jsz=0
source z-axis jump interval
int kt=300
output wavefield at time kt
int nb=20
thickness of sponge ABC
int ng=nx
number of receivers
int ns=1
number of shots
int nt=
number of time steps
int sxbeg=
x-begining index of sources, starting from 0
int szbeg=
z-begining index of sources, starting from 0

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