sffatomo (2.0-git)
First-arrival Traveltime Tomography

        sffatomo < sinp.rsf > sout.rsf time=time.rsf shot=shot.rsf receiver=rece.rsf record=reco.rsf topo=topo.rsf gradient=grad.rsf misnorm=norm.rsf adj=n velocity=y l1norm=n verb=n order=2 niter=10 stiter=200 eps=0. perc=90. nfreq=1 nmem=1 what=

bool adj=n [y/n]
adjoint flag (for what=linear)
float eps=0.
regularization parameter
string gradient=
auxiliary output file name
bool l1norm=n [y/n]
norm for minimization (default L2 norm)
string misnorm=
auxiliary output file name
int nfreq=1
l1-norm weighting nfreq
int niter=10
number of slowness inversion iterations
int nmem=1
l1-norm weighting nmem
int order=2
fast marching accuracy order
float perc=90.

string receiver=
auxiliary input file name
string record=
auxiliary input file name
string shot=
auxiliary input file name
int stiter=200
number of step iterations
string time=
auxiliary input file name
string topo=
auxiliary input file name
bool velocity=y [y/n]
if y, the input is velocity; n, slowness squared
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag
string what=
what to compute (default tomography)