sffftexp0test (2.0-git)
2-D FFT-based zero-offset exploding reflector modeling/migration (outputs time volume; can be used to generate movies)

        sffftexp0test movie=movie.rsf < data.rsf > image.rsf left=left.rsf right=right.rsf mig=n cmplx=n pad1=1 nz= dz= nt= dt= jt=1

bool cmplx=n [y/n]
use complex FFT
float dt=
time sampling (if modeling)
float dz=
time sampling (if migration)
int jt=1
time interval
file left=
auxiliary input file name
bool mig=n [y/n]
if n, modeling; if y, migration
file movie=
auxiliary output file name
int nt=
time samples (if modeling)
int nz=
time samples (if migration)
int pad1=1
padding factor on the first axis
file right=
auxiliary input file name