sffftfwi_sparse_2d (2.0-git)
2D frequency domain full waveform inversion with sparsity regularization.

        sffftfwi_sparse_2d < in.rsf > out.rsf receiver=receiver.rsf source=source.rsf record=record.rsf dip=dip.rsf vout=vout.rsf misfit=misfit.rsf sparsity=y niter=10 npml=20 par=1 pclip=8. uts=0 order= type=

string dip=
auxiliary input file name
string misfit=
auxiliary output file name
int niter=10
number of iteration
int npml=20
PML width
string order=
discretization scheme (default optimal 9-point)
int par=1
seislet transform accuracy order
float pclip=8.
soft thresholding parameter
string receiver=
auxiliary input file name
string record=
auxiliary input file name
string source=
auxiliary input file name
bool sparsity=y [y/n]
if true, sparsity constriant; if false, normal FWI
string type=
[haar,linear,biorthogonal] wavelet type, the default is biorthogonal
int uts=0

string vout=
auxiliary output file name