sfflatlinpiwrapper (2.0-git)
pi operator building wrapping test function flat gaussian weighting smoothing after pi

        sfflatlinpiwrapper < inp.rsf > out.rsf pifk=pifk.rsf velocity=vel.rsf hd=y domod=y sw=0 adj=n sm=y v_1= v_2= v_3= v_4= passthr=0.001 eps=0.001 epst2=0.001 pad=nt repeat=1 v0= rect#=(1,1,...) diff#=(n,n,...)

bool adj=n [y/n]
if perform derivative filtering
bool diff#=(n,n,...) [y/n]
differentiation on #-th axis
bool domod=y [y/n]
if y, apply half-derivative filter
float eps=0.001

float epst2=0.001

bool hd=y [y/n]

int pad=nt
output time samples
float passthr=0.001

string pifk=
auxiliary output file name
int rect#=(1,1,...)
smoothing radius on #-th axis
int repeat=1
repeat filtering several times
bool sm=y [y/n]
if y, do adjoint integration
int sw=0
if > 0, select a branch of the antialiasing operation
float v0=
constant velocity (if no velocity=)
float v_1=

float v_2=

float v_3=

float v_4=

string velocity=
velocity file (auxiliary input file name)