sffreqint (2.0-git)
1-D data regularization using freqlet transform

        sffreqint < in.rsf > out.rsf freq=w.rsf coord=coord.rsf n1= d1= o1= niter=10 ncycle=1 eps=1.0 inv=n perc=50.0 type=

file coord=
auxiliary input file name
float d1=
output sampling
float eps=1.0
regularization parameter
file freq=
auxiliary input file name
bool inv=n [y/n]
inversion flag
int n1=
output samples
int ncycle=1
number of IRLS iterations
int niter=10
number of iterations for inversion
float o1=
output origin
float perc=50.0
percentage for sharpening
string type=
[haar,linear,biorthogonal] wavelet type, the default is linear