sfgsrayvti (2.0-git)
Gauss Seidel iterative solver for phase space escape positions, angle and traveltime

        sfgsrayvti < in.rsf > out.rsf vel=slow.rsf velz=slowz.rsf velx=slowx.rsf iq= niter=50 tol=0.000002*nx*nz vti_eps=0.0 vti_gamma=0.0 vti_delta=0.0 vti=

int iq=
switch for escape variable 0=x, 1=a, 2=t, 3=z, 4=l
int niter=50
number of Gauss-Seidel iterations
float tol=0.000002*nx*nz
accuracy tolerance
file vel=
auxiliary input file name
file velx=
auxiliary input file name
file velz=
auxiliary input file name
string vti=
what to compute (p=qP, v=qSV, h=SH)
float vti_delta=0.0
VTI constants Thomsen
float vti_eps=0.0

float vti_gamma=0.0