sfhelmmig (2.0-git)
2D frequency-domain migration with space-lag imaging condition.

        sfhelmmig < in.rsf > out.rsf source=source.rsf data=data.rsf us=us.rsf ur=ur.rsf timg=timg.rsf verb=n save=n load=n uts=0 nh=0 npml=10 order=

string data=
auxiliary input file name
bool load=n [y/n]
load LU
int nh=0
horizontal space-lag
int npml=10
PML width
string order=
discretization scheme (default optimal 9-point)
bool save=n [y/n]
save LU
string source=
auxiliary input file name
string timg=
auxiliary output file name
string ur=
auxiliary output file name
string us=
auxiliary output file name
int uts=0
number of OMP threads
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag