sfhradon (2.0-git)
Time domain high-resolution hyperbolic Radon transform.

        sfhradon < in.rsf > out.rsf vel=vel.rsf offset=offset.rsf inv=y adj=n solver=n v0= dv= nv= N1=10 N2=3 verb=0 h0= dh= nh=
m(tau,p) = \sum_{ih=1}^{nh} d(tau=\sqrt{tau^2+h[ih]^2/p^2),h}
inv=true do inverse
adj=true do adjoint
inv=false && adj=false do forward

int N1=10
CG Iterations (Internal loop)
int N2=3
Update of weights for the sparse solution, N1 = 1 LS , N2 > 3 for High Res (Sparse) solution
bool adj=n [y/n]
if implement the adjoint transform instead of the inverse transform
float dh=

float dv=

float h0=

bool inv=y [y/n]
if implement the inverse transform
int nh=

int nv=

string offset=
auxiliary input file name
bool solver=n [y/n]
if use Madagascar bigsolver, default is not
float v0=

string vel=
auxiliary input file name
int verb=0
If output the debugging process