sfhyperdif (2.0-git)
Solving 1-D transportation equation using finite difference algorithm

        sfhyperdif > out.rsf dinit=dinit.rsf dtrue=dtrue.rsf wanttrue=n wantinit=n nt= dt= ox= nx= dx= type=
\partial(u)/\partial(t)+a(x,t)\partial(u)/\partial(x), 0unlimited,

file dinit=
auxiliary output file name
float dt=
temporal sampling
file dtrue=
auxiliary output file name
float dx=
spatial sampling
int nt=
number of temporal points
int nx=
number of spatial points
float ox=
spatial starting point
string type=
[upwind, friedrichs, wendroff] get the type for solving hyperbola partial differential equation, the default is upwind
bool wantinit=n [y/n]
if want initial value. y: want, n: don't want.
bool wanttrue=n [y/n]
if want true solution. y: want, n: don't want.