sfimage (2.0-git)
X IMAGE plot of a uniformly-sampled function f(x1,x2).

        sfimage < in.rsf curve= npair= curvecolor= curvecolor= ncurve=0 ncurvecolor=0 clip= clip= perc=100.0 balance=n bclip= bperc=perc wclip= wperc=100.0-perc verbose=y blockinterp=n legend=n blank=0.0f xbox=50 ybox=50 wbox=550 hbox=700 lwidth=16 lheight=hbox/3 lx=3 ly=(hbox-lheight)/3 x1beg=x1min x1end=x1max d1num=0.0 f1num=x1min n1tic=1 x2beg=x2min x2end=x2max d2num=0.0 f2num=0.0 n2tic=1 labelsize=18.0 titlesize=24.0 mpicks= cmap= units= legendfont= grid1= label1= grid2= label2= labelfont= title= titlefont= style= titlecolor= labelcolor= gridcolor= windowtitle=
X Functionality:
Button 1 Zoom with rubberband box
Button 2 Show mouse (x1,x2) coordinates while pressed
q or Q key Quit
s key Save current mouse (x1,x2) location to file
a or page up keys enhance clipping by 10%
c or page down keys reduce clipping by 10%
up,down,left,right keys move zoom window by half width/height
i or +(keypad) zoom in by factor 2
o or -(keypad) zoom out by factor 2

... change colormap interactively
r install next RGB - colormap
R install previous RGB - colormap
h install next HSV - colormap
H install previous HSV - colormap
H install previous HSV - colormap
(Move mouse cursor out and back into window for r,R,h,H to take effect)

bool balance=n [y/n]
if false, determine bclip & wclip individually;
else set them to the same abs value
float bclip=

float blank=0.0f
portion of the lower range to blank out
bool blockinterp=n [y/n]
whether to use block interpolation
float bperc=perc
percentile for determining black clip value
float clip=

string cmap=
colormap specification (hsv# or rgb#)
strings curve=
file(s) containing points to draw curve(s) [curve]
strings curvecolor=
color(s) for curve(s) [ncurvecolor]
float d1num=0.0
numbered tic interval on axis 1 (0.0 for automatic)
float d2num=0.0
numbered tic interval on axis 2 (0.0 for automatic)
float f1num=x1min
first numbered tic on axis 1 (used if d1num not 0.0)
float f2num=0.0
first numbered tic on axis 2 (used if d2num not 0.0)
string grid1=
grid lines on axis 1 (none, dot, dash, or solid)
string grid2=
grid lines on axis 2 (none, dot, dash, or solid)
string gridcolor=
color for grid lines
int hbox=700
height in pixels of window
string label1=
label on axis 1
string label2=
label on axis 2
string labelcolor=
color for axes labels
string labelfont=
font name for axes labels
float labelsize=18.0

bool legend=n [y/n]
if display the color scale
string legendfont=
font name for legend
int lheight=hbox/3
colorscale (legend) height in pixels
int lwidth=16
colorscale (legend) width in pixels
int lx=3
colorscale (legend) x-position in pixels
int ly=(hbox-lheight)/3
colorscale (legend) y-position in pixels
string mpicks=
file to save mouse picks
int n1tic=1
number of tics per numbered tic on axis 1
int n2tic=1
number of tics per numbered tic on axis 2
int ncurve=0
number of curves to draw
int ncurvecolor=0
number of curve colors
ints npair=
number(s) of pairs in each curve file [curve]
float perc=100.0
percentile used to determine clip
string style=
normal (axis 1 horizontal, axis 2 vertical)
or seismic (axis 1 vertical, axis 2 horizontal)
string title=
title of plot
string titlecolor=
color for title
string titlefont=
font name for title
float titlesize=24.0

string units=
unit label for legend
bool verbose=y [y/n]
verbose mode
int wbox=550
width in pixels of window
float wclip=

string windowtitle=
title on window
float wperc=100.0-perc
percentile for determining white clip value
float x1beg=x1min
value at which axis 1 begins
float x1end=x1max
value at which axis 1 ends
float x2beg=x2min
value at which axis 2 begins
float x2end=x2max
value at which axis 2 ends
int xbox=50
x in pixels of upper left corner of window
int ybox=50
y in pixels of upper left corner of window