sfisaac1 (2.0-git)
Pre-stack bending ray tracing in one-layered media

        sfisaac1 < refl.rsf > ttime.rsf xrefl=xrefl.rsf ns=nr ns2=nr ds=dr ds2=dr s0=r0 s02=r0 type=1 order=4 velocity=2.0 tol=1/(1000000*velocity) break=n

bool break=n [y/n]
Go beyond zero or not
float ds=dr
source sampling for midpoint
float ds2=dr
source sampling for offset
int ns=nr
number of sources for midpoint
int ns2=nr
number of sources for offset
int order=4
Interpolation order if choose to use sf_eno
float s0=r0
origin for midpoint
float s02=r0
origin for offset
float tol=1/(1000000*velocity)
Assign a default value for tolerance
int type=1
Interpolation type 0=sf_eno and 1=central finite difference
float velocity=2.0
Assign velocity km/s
file xrefl=
auxiliary output file name