sfisaac2 (2.0-git)
2D Bending ray tracing in multi-layered media

        sfisaac2 < refl.rsf > xrefl.rsf aniso=vti.rsf layer= velocity= xgradient= zgradient= xref= zref= velocity= xinitial= number= xs= xr= vstatus= min=(xx[0]xx[nr2+1])? xx[0]:xx[nr2+1] niter=100 debug=n tol=0.000001/v_inp[0] ns=2 ns2=nr2+2 ds=1 s0=0 order=3

file aniso=
auxiliary input file name
bool debug=n [y/n]
Debug flag
float ds=1
Step increment
floats layer=
Layer sequence [nr2+1]
float max=(xx[0]>xx[nr2+1])? xx[0]:xx[nr2+1]
The maximum boundary if not entered, set to max(xs,xr)
float min=(xx[0]
The minimum boundary if not entered, set to min(xs,xr)
int niter=100
The number of iterations
int ns=2
Dimension of output reflection points (x,z)
int ns2=nr2+2
Dimension of output reflection points (the number of points)
int number=
Number of intersecting points [nr2]
int order=3
Interpolation order
float s0=0
Staring position
double tol=0.000001/v_inp[0]
Assign a default value for tolerance
floats velocity=
Assign velocity km/s [N-1]
int vstatus=
Velocity status (0 for constant v, 1 for gradient v, and 2 for VTI)
floats xgradient=
Assign x-gradient [N-1]
floats xinitial=
float xr=
floats xref=
Assign x-reference point [N-1]
float xs=
floats zgradient=
Assign z-gradient [N-1]
floats zref=
Assign z-reference point [N-1]