sfiwilbfgs (2.0-git)
Image-domain waveform tomography (L-BFGS).

        sfiwilbfgs < in.rsf > out.rsf source=source.rsf data=data.rsf wdso=wdso.rsf wstk=wstk.rsf precon=precon.rsf grad=grad.rsf verb=y deriv=y nh=0 load=n uts=0 npml=10 beta=0. grect1=5 grect2=5 gscale=-1. nhess=6 miter=10 mline=5 epsilon=1.e-7 lower=1.5 upper=7.5 order=

float beta=0.
stacking power cost function
string data=
auxiliary input file name
bool deriv=y [y/n]
if y, apply derivative in z
float epsilon=1.e-7
L-BFGS termination epsilon
string grad=
auxiliary output file name
int grect1=5
gradient smoothing radius on axis 1
int grect2=5
gradient smoothing radius on axis 2
float gscale=-1.
gradient re-scale (enabled if (0,1))
bool load=n [y/n]
load LU
float lower=1.5
lower bound of feasible set
int miter=10
L-BFGS maximum # of iterations
int mline=5
L-BFGS maximum # of line search
int nh=0
horizontal space-lag
int nhess=6
L-BFGS # of Hessian corrections
int npml=10
PML width
string order=
discretization scheme (default optimal 9-point)
string precon=
auxiliary input file name
string source=
auxiliary input file name
float upper=7.5
upper bound of feasible set
int uts=0
number of OMP threads
bool verb=y [y/n]
verbosity flag
string wdso=
auxiliary input file name
string wstk=
auxiliary input file name