sfkdmig2d (2.0-git)
2-D Prestack Kirchhoff depth migration (SU version).

        sfkdmig2d < infp.rsf > outfp.rsf verb=n dxm=0.5*ds rscale=RSCALE_KDMIG nxo=(nxt-1)*2+1 fxo=fxt dxo=dxt*0.5 nzo=(nzt-1)*5+1 fzo=fzt dzo=dzt*0.2 v0=1.5 dvz=0 angmax=60. aperx=0.5*nxt*dxt offmax=3.0 fmax=0.25/dt noff=1 off0=0. doff=0.1 ls=1 absoff=0 limoff=0 ntr=sf_leftsize (infp, 1) mtr=100 npv=0 ttfile= tvfile= csfile= outfile1=

int absoff=0
1 - use absolute value of offset, 0 - use offset =gx-sx
float angmax=60.
migration angle aperature from vertical
float aperx=0.5*nxt*dxt
migration lateral aperature
string csfile=
input file of cosine tables
float doff=0.1
offset increment in output
float dvz=0
reference velocity vertical gradient
float dxm=0.5*ds
sampling interval of midpoints
float dxo=dxt*0.5
horizontal spacing of output trace
float dzo=dzt*0.2
vertical spacing of output trace
float fmax=0.25/dt
frequency-highcut for input traces
float fxo=fxt
x-coordinate of first output trace
float fzo=fzt
z-coordinate of first point in output trace
int limoff=0
1 - limit traces used by offset, 0 - use all traces
int ls=1
flag for line source
int mtr=100
print verbal information at every mtr traces
int noff=1
number of offsets in output
int npv=0
1 - compute quantities for velocity analysis
int ntr=sf_leftsize (infp, 1)
maximum number of input traces to be migrated
int nxo=(nxt-1)*2+1
number of output traces
int nzo=(nzt-1)*5+1
number of points in output trace
float off0=0.
first offest in output
float offmax=3.0
maximum absolute offset allowed in migration
string outfile1=
file containning additional migration output
float rscale=RSCALE_KDMIG
scaling for roundoff error suppression
string ttfile=
input traveltime tables
string tvfile=
input file of traveltime variation tables
float v0=1.5
reference velocity value at surface
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag