sfktmig (2.0-git)
Prestack time migration (2-D/3-D) for irregular data.

        sfktmig < data.rsf > image.rsf vrms=vrms.rsf sxsy=sxsy.rsf gxgy=gxgy.rsf cxcy=cxcy.rsf verb=n time=n aa=y diff=y dbtr=1000 apx=onx/2 apy=ony/2 maxtri=13 trfact=4.0*(0.5*(odx + ody)/dt)

bool aa=y [y/n]
Antialiaing flag
int apx=onx/2
Apperture half-width in x direction
int apy=ony/2
Apperture half-width in y direction
string cxcy=
File with midpoint coordinates (auxiliary input file name)
int dbtr=1000
Number of input traces to read at once
bool diff=y [y/n]
Differentiation flag
string gxgy=
File with receiver coordinates (auxiliary input file name)
int maxtri=13
Maximum half-length of the antialias filter
string sxsy=
File with shot coordinates (auxiliary input file name)
bool time=n [y/n]
Measure execution time
float trfact=4.0*(0.5*(odx + ody)/dt)
Trace factor for antialias filter length calculation
bool verb=n [y/n]
Verbosity flag
string vrms=
File with RMS velocities (auxiliary input file name)