sflomatch (2.0-git)
Local Matched filter for coherent noise removal (1-D, 2-D, and 3-D).

        sflomatch < dat.rsf > mcf.rsf match=mat.rsf mask=known.rsf w= a= k= gap= center= niter=1 perc=90.0 eps=0.01 verb=n dim=dim liter=aa->nh lag=

ints a=
filter size [dim1]
ints center=
filter center [dim1]
int dim=dim
matched filter dimensionality
float eps=0.01
dumping parameter x=(M'M+eps*I)M'd
ints gap=
filter gap [dim1]
ints k=
number of windows [dim1]
string lag=
output file for filter lags
int liter=aa->nh
number of linear iteration
string mask=
auxiliary input file name
string match=
auxiliary input file name
int niter=1
number of POCS iterations: =1 L2 norm ; >1 L1 norm
float perc=90.0
percentage for sharpening [L1 norm]
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag
ints w=
window size [dim1]