sflrosrtm2 (2.0-git)
2-D Low-rank One-step Pre-stack Reverse-Time-Migration

        sflrosrtm2 refl=Frefl.rsf vel=Fvel.rsf < Fsrc.rsf rec=Frcd.rsf > Fimg1.rsf img2=Fimg2.rsf tmpwf=Ftmpwf.rsf tmpbwf=Ftmpbwf.rsf left=left.rsf right=right.rsf leftb=leftb.rsf rightb=rightb.rsf verb=n wantwf=n wantrecord=y dbg=n srcill=y srctrunc=0.4 rectz=1 rectx=1 repeat=0 pad1=1 top=40 bot=40 lft=40 rht=40 slx=-1.0 spx=-1 slz=-1.0 spz=-1 gdep=-1.0 gpz=0 gpx= gpl= snapinter=10
img1 : crosscorrelation
img2 : crosscorrelation with source/receiver normalization

int bot=40

bool dbg=n [y/n]
debug mode - doesn't propagate receiver wavefield
float gdep=-1.0
recorder depth on grid
int gpl=
recorder length on index
int gpx=
recorder starting location on index
int gpz=0
recorder depth on index
file img2=
auxiliary output file name
file left=
auxiliary input file name
file leftb=
auxiliary input file name
int lft=40

int pad1=1
padding factor on the first axis
file rec=
auxiliary input file name
int rectx=1

int rectz=1

file refl=
auxiliary output file name
int repeat=0

int rht=40
Width of abc layer
file right=
auxiliary input file name
file rightb=
auxiliary input file name
float slx=-1.0
source location x
float slz=-1.0
source location z
int snapinter=10
snap interval
int spx=-1
source location x (index)
int spz=-1
source location z (index)
bool srcill=y [y/n]
true - source illumination; false - receiver illumination
float srctrunc=0.4

file tmpbwf=
auxiliary output file name
file tmpwf=
auxiliary output file name
int top=40

file vel=
auxiliary input file name
bool verb=n [y/n]
bool wantrecord=y [y/n]
if n, using record data generated by this program
bool wantwf=n [y/n]
output forward and backward wavefield