sflstri2d (2.0-git)
2-D passive seismic RTM and its adjoint

        sflstri2d < in.rsf > out.rsf velocity=vel.rsf weight=weight.rsf verb=n adj=n abc=n inv=n prec=n sw=n ctr=n depth=0 niter=0 ngrp=1 size=0 rectz=1 rectx=1 rectt=1 repeat=1 stack=1 perc=SF_EPS hard=0.0f cb=0.0f

bool abc=n [y/n]
absorbing boundary condition
bool adj=n [y/n]
adjoint flag, 0: modeling, 1: migration
float cb=0.0f
allocate arrays
bool ctr=n [y/n]
CTR IC flag
int depth=0
acquisition surface
float hard=0.0f
hard thresholding
bool inv=n [y/n]
inversion flag
int ngrp=1
number of groups of receivers
int niter=0
number of iterations
float perc=SF_EPS
stable division padding percentage (of max)
bool prec=n [y/n]
use ctr as precondioner
int rectt=1
smoothing radius in t
int rectx=1
smoothing radius in x
int rectz=1
smoothing radius in z
int repeat=1
smoothing repeatation
int size=0
sliding window size
int stack=1
local stacking length
bool sw=n [y/n]
inversion flag
file velocity=
auxiliary input file name
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag
string weight=
auxiliary input file name