sfmdfd4 (2.0-git)
2D finite difference modeling

        sfmdfd4 < modl.rsf > data.rsf wave=wave.rsf div=div.rsf nt=1000 dt=0.004 jt=40 wvlt=0 w0=35.0 sx=0 sz=0 rx0=0 nr=1 dr=1 rz=0

file div=
auxiliary output file name
int dr=1
receiver interval of unit "dx"
float dt=0.004
time interval
int jt=40
wave movie time interval
int nr=1
receiver numbers
int nt=1000
time samples
int rx0=0
x position index of first receiver
int rz=0
z position index of receivers
int sx=0
x position index of the source
int sz=0
z position index of the source
float w0=35.0
central frequency for ricker/harmonic wavelet
string wave=
wavefield movie file (auxiliary output file name)
int wvlt=0
wavelet type "ricker/harmonic/other"