sfmig2pwd (2.0-git)
combination of mig2 Kirchhoff migration nad PWD filtering

        sfmig2pwd < inp.rsf > out.rsf vel=vel.rsf dip=dip.rsf outpwd=outpwdcheck.rsf outdip=outdipcheck.rsf gather=gather.rsf offset=offset.rsf adj=n sm=y domod=y debug= normalize=y nh= antialias=1.0 apt=nx angle=90.0 half=y verb=y rho=1.-1./nt dh= h0= v_1= v_2= v_3= v_4= passthr=0.001 eps=0.001 epst2=0.001 pad=nt order=1 nj1=1

bool adj=n [y/n]
if perform derivative filtering = PWD
float angle=90.0
angle aperture
float antialias=1.0
int apt=nx
integral aperture
bool debug= [y/n]

float dh=
offset sampling (for modeling)
file dip=
auxiliary input file name
bool domod=y [y/n]
debug flag
float eps=0.001

float epst2=0.001

string gather=
auxiliary output file name
float h0=
first offset (for modeling)
bool half=y [y/n]
if y, the third axis is half-offset instead of full offset
int nh=
number of offsets (for modeling)
int nj1=1
bool normalize=y [y/n]
normalize for the fold
string offset=
auxiliary input file name
int order=1 [1,2,3]
accuracy order
file outdip=
auxiliary output file name
file outpwd=
auxiliary output file name
int pad=nt
output time samples
float passthr=0.001

float rho=1.-1./nt
Leaky integration constant
bool sm=y [y/n]
if perform modelling via Kirchhoff
float v_1=

float v_2=

float v_3=

float v_4=

file vel=
auxiliary input file name
bool verb=y [y/n]
verbosity flag