sfmpilrmodel (2.0-git)
One-step lowrank modeling

        sfmpilrmodel Fwfld=Fwfld.rsf Fpadvel=Fvel.rsf wantwf=n pad1=1 nb= srctrunc=0.4 rectx=2 rectz=2 repeat=2 scalet=1 snap=100 snapshot=0 ns= ds= s0= rnx= nr=rnx ndr=1 nr0=0 gpz= spx= spz= path1= path2=

file Fpadvel=
auxiliary input file name
file Fwfld=
auxiliary output file name
float ds=
shot interval
int gpz=
depth of geophone
int nb=
boundary width
int ndr=1
receiver interval
int nr=rnx
receiver number
int nr0=0
receiver origin
int ns=
shot number
int pad1=1
padding factor on the first axis
string path1=
path of left matrices './mat/left'
string path2=
path of right matrices './mat/left'
int rectx=2
source smoothing in x-direction
int rectz=2
source smoothing in z-direction
int repeat=2
repeat numbers of source smoothing
int rnx=
coverage area of one shot
float s0=
shot origin
int scalet=1
wavefield storage interval
int snap=100
wavefield output interval when wantwf=y
int snapshot=0
print out the wavefield snapshots of this shot
int spx=
horizontal location of source
int spz=
depth of source
float srctrunc=0.4
source truncation
bool wantwf=n [y/n]
want wavefield or not