sfmpiqrtm (2.0-git)
2-D Low-rank One-step Least Pre-stack Reverse-Time-Migration in the complex domain (both img and data are complex valued)

        sfmpiqrtm src=Fsrc.rsf left=left.rsf right=right.rsf leftb=leftb.rsf rightb=rightb.rsf vel=Fvel.rsf norm=Fnorm.rsf tmpwf=Ftmpwf.rsf tmpwfb=Ftmpwfb.rsf verb=n adj=y mode= illum=n roll=n stable=0 sdiv=n reg=0.0f niter=100 eps=SF_EPS perc=0.1 freq_scal=n eps=SF_EPS perc=0.1 shtbgn= sht0=shtbgn shtend= shtint= spz= gpz= gpl= snapinter=1 srctrunc=0.4 rectz=1 rectx=1 repeat=0 top=40 bot=40 lft=40 rht=40 shtid=0 pad1=1
img : crosscorrelation with source normalization (stdout)

bool adj=y [y/n]
int bot=40

float eps=SF_EPS
bool freq_scal=n [y/n]
frequency amplitude spectrum scaling
int gpl=

int gpz=

bool illum=n [y/n]
if n, no source illumination applied
file left=
auxiliary input file name
file leftb=
auxiliary input file name
int lft=40

int mode=

int niter=100
smooth division maximum iterations
string norm=
auxiliary output file name
int pad1=1
padding factor on the first axis
float perc=0.1
percentage of maximum for padding
int rectx=1

int rectz=1

float reg=0.0f
int repeat=0
abc parameters
int rht=40
shot output id
file right=
auxiliary input file name
file rightb=
auxiliary input file name
bool roll=n [y/n]
if n, receiver is independent of source location and gpl=nx
bool sdiv=n [y/n]
smooth division
int sht0=shtbgn
actual shot origin on grid
int shtbgn=

int shtend=

int shtid=0
Set I/O file
int shtint=

int snapinter=1
snap interval
int spz=

file src=
auxiliary input file name
float srctrunc=0.4

int stable=0
stable = 0 -> conventional imaging condition; 1 -> stable imaging condition for Q-compensation with global nomalization; 2 -> shot-by-shot normalization; 3 -> snapshot-by-snapshot compensation (most intensive); 4 -> deconvolution imaging condition
string tmpwf=
auxiliary output file name
string tmpwfb=
auxiliary output file name
int top=40

file vel=
auxiliary input file name
bool verb=n [y/n]