sfmpirfwigrad (2.0-git)
Calculate acoustic Reflection FWI gradient with the prepared adjoint source (velocity-impedance scale separation)

        sfmpirfwigrad Fvel=Fv.rsf Fd=Fd.rsf Fd0=Fd0.rsf Fwavelet=Fw.rsf Fadj=Fadj.rsf Fgrad=Fgrad.rsf ns= ds= s0= sz=3 nr=nx dr=dx r0=x0 rz=3 verb=n frectx=2 frectz=2 nb=20 coef=5. interval=1 acqui_type=1

file Fadj=
auxiliary input file name
file Fd=
auxiliary input file name
file Fd0=
auxiliary input file name
file Fgrad=
auxiliary output file name
file Fvel=
auxiliary input file name
file Fwavelet=
auxiliary input file name
int acqui_type=1
acquisition type
float coef=5.
maximum velocity of the medium
float dr=dx
receiver interval
float ds=
shot interval
int frectx=2
source smoothing in x
int frectz=2
source smoothing in z
int interval=1
wavefield storing interval
int nb=20
PML boundary width
int nr=nx
number of receiver
int ns=
shot number
float r0=x0
receiver origin
int rz=3
receiver depth
float s0=
shot origin
int sz=3
source depth
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag