sfmshots (2.0-git)
2-D prestack forward modeling using sponge ABC using 4-th order FD

        sfmshots < vinit.rsf > shots.rsf amp=1000 fm=10 nb=30 dt= nt= ns= ng= jsx= jsz=0 jgx=1 jgz=0 sxbeg= szbeg= gxbeg= gzbeg= csdgather=n
NB: prepare high quality prestack seismic data for LSRTM and FWI
Top boundary is free surface (no ABC applied)!

float amp=1000
maximum amplitude of ricker
bool csdgather=n [y/n]
default, common shot-gather; if n, record at every point
float dt=
time interval
float fm=10
dominant freq of ricker
int gxbeg=
x-begining index of receivers, starting from 0
int gzbeg=
z-begining index of receivers, starting from 0
int jgx=1
receiver x-axis jump interval
int jgz=0
receiver z-axis jump interval
int jsx=
source x-axis jump interval
int jsz=0
source z-axis jump interval
int nb=30
thickness of sponge ABC
int ng=
total receivers in each shot
int ns=
total shots
int nt=
total modeling time steps
int sxbeg=
x-begining index of sources, starting from 0
int szbeg=
z-begining index of sources, starting from 0

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