sfmtm (2.0-git)
1-D and 2-D modified-trimmed-mean (MTM) filtering.

        sfmtm < in.rsf > out.rsf nfw1= nfw2=1 pclip= boundary=n verb=n type=
Also called range-trimmed-mean filter
1D filter (nfw2=1); 2D filter (otherwise)
median filter (pclip=0.); mean filter (pclip=100.)

bool boundary=n [y/n]
if y, boundary is data, whereas zero
int nfw1=
filter-window length in n1 direction (positive and odd integer)
int nfw2=1
filter-window length in n2 direction (default=1, 1D case)
float pclip=
0.0 <= pclip <= 100.0: median filter (pclip=0.); mean filter (pclip=100.)
string type=
[rectangular,cross] 2-D window type, the default is rectangular
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag