sfpde2dadp (2.0-git)
Numerical solution of linear pde 2-d (X-Z-a) for phase space escape positions, angle and traveltime

        sfpde2dadp < in.rsf > out.rsf slow=slow.rsf slowz=slowz.rsf slowx=slowx.rsf iq= method= method_2d= niter=100 ixsmooth= izsmooth= xsmooth= zsmooth= is_xinf= is_zinf= tol=0.000002*nx*nz cvgce=

string cvgce=
output file for convergence
int iq=
switch for escape variable 0=x, 1=a, 2=t, 3=z
int is_xinf=

int is_zinf=

int ixsmooth=

int izsmooth=

int method=

int method_2d=

int niter=100
number of Gauss-Seidel iterations
file slow=
auxiliary input file name
file slowx=
auxiliary input file name
file slowz=
auxiliary input file name
float tol=0.000002*nx*nz
accuracy tolerance
float xsmooth=

float zsmooth=