sfpdrscan2d (2.0-git)
Velocity Scan by 2D Parametric Development of Reflections

        sfpdrscan2d < dataFile.rsf > outFile.rsf aux=auxFile.rsf po=shotStart_ pn=recNum_ pd=recStep_ vn=1 vo=1500 vd=50 wh=11

string aux=
output file containing semblance measure of CIGs stacking (auxiliary output file name)
float pd=recStep_
increment of positions in stack section
int pn=recNum_
number of positions in stack section
float po=shotStart_
start position in stack section
float vd=50
increment of velocities
int vn=1
number of scanned velocities
float vo=1500
start velocity
int wh=11
height of a vertical window for semblance calculation